michelle Hale        


‚ÄčWorkshop A: The Evolution of Bitch

This workshop is a thought provoking workshop designed to allow students to make a decision for themselves to evolve from the derogatory use and stigma of bitch or choose to continue to use the word as society normalizes and desensitizes the word bitch. Participants will work towards personal development to enhance leadership skills. Participants will be educated and motivated to breakdown stereotypes and stigma that reflect current events that plague women in our communities and society. 

Workshop B: Hibernation

This workshop is designed to engage and enhance personal development for each participant. The workshop focuses on issues and challenges women experience with each other such as competition, stereotypes, micro aggression  and other relevant topics. It explores the different approaches towards overcoming limitations, finding solutions through discussion and dialogue.


These dynamic and innovative workshops help to challenge all participants at their level. The workshops explore various topics and our roles in today's society. The goal of the workshops is to help enhance personal development of being better leaders.